Working with Studio 35 During Lockdown

By Jess Whitehead

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Despite the pandemic and the current lockdown this will not affect our quality of service or the quality of our kitchen designs for you. We offer private consultations as required to discuss your requirements, and we continue to offer inspiration and advice to allow you to fully consider your dream kitchen and explore all possible options. This is massively aided by our industry leading software that allows us to provide bespoke and personalised 3D virtual reality visuals of your kitchen, that can be viewed from the comfort of your home.

Please scan or click the above QR Code to view a few examples of our 3D Virtual Reality visuals.
Our team are here to offer you free and professional advice at every stage, as our approach to each project is to take the stress away from you, whilst working at your pace, and we are with you each and every step of the way from concept to completion.

You can read more About us and our concept to completion process on our website.

To continue our service throughout this lockdown period we are having to adapt our business, to do this, with the majority of contact being through remote medias including email. However, to still give our customers the full experience, we are offering private consultations where our customers will be able to see designs, products and options first-hand. Plus, we will still be able to make home visits to allow us to assess your project and ensure all measurements are correct, allowing the design and installation process to be as smooth as possible.

When visiting homes for measures or for installations we have been following construction social distancing guidelines since the first lockdown, and therefore in terms of installations, thankfully the recent announcement has caused little disruption to current and future projects! So, when it comes to your installation, each project continues to be completely bespoke to the individual client requirements and we can do as much or as little installation work as you require… whether it’s a dry fit installation working with your existing tradesmen (existing plumbers, electricians etc..) or a fully project managed installation executed by our highly experienced team at Studio 35, we can advise and discuss which installation package will be right for you to deliver your perfect fully installed kitchen.

You can find an example of a full journey with images of the above transformation on our website: Click here!

For more information or if you are looking to start your new kitchen project, please look through our website, where you can find plenty of inspiration and you can contact us where we will be happy to help and assist.

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