Choosing the right kitchen is not an easy task, and that is why we are with you every step of the way…

From initial ideas and concepts, through the design process, to a fully project managed installation, the team at Studio 35 are here to ensure your dream kitchen comes to life…

Why choose Studio 35?

Every client is different, so as an independent showroom we can tailor our services and our approach to your specific and unique requirements. Some people are in a rush, some like to take their time… at Studio 35 we work at your pace and ensure your kitchen design is just that… “Your Kitchen Design”.

So, what makes us different from the rest?

Every kitchen showroom should offer you the basics – Show you the products, design a kitchen layout and most will suggest a joiner to come fit for you…

At Studio 35 we are different, we offer the full package and more. Take a look at the top ten services available from Studio 35 which you may not find anywhere else…

• We offer the ‘Bigger Picture’
All our team have extensive experience in not just the kitchen industry but also construction and building works. This enables us right from the start to look at the ‘bigger picture’ to ensure it is your living environment that is changed and not just the kitchen, and with our vast expertise we ensure that all aspects of the design and build process are workable to bring your dreams to life.

• We design the ‘Bigger Picture’
And it is the bigger picture that we design…
If you are requiring a knock-through and want to see what your open plan living space will look like? We will design this as part of your visual package.
Having an extension built? We will create a visual for this and incorporate this into your kitchen design.
New-build or self-build project, wanting to see 3D images based off your architect plans? Let us bring this to life for you.
Already have existing furniture, decors, lighting that you are not sure will compliment or fit with your new kitchen? We will replicate these in your design visuals to show these alongside your new kitchen to give a greater reality to your future living space designs.

• 360° Virtual Reality Visuals
Talking of designs, Studio 35 are proud to offer the most detailed and realistic design visuals available… and you can take these home!
With our 360° Virtual Reality visuals we present to you your future brought to life! and after the presentation we will demonstrate how you can view these digital designs for yourself, giving you access to these wonderful visuals so you can stand in your home and see the future brought to life in front of your very eyes. Take a look at some of our design work here

Many design showrooms will offer an installation service, but you may be asked to find your own trades person as “that is not something we do here” …
Well, at Studio 35 we offer the ‘full installation service’, every trade and every service required is supplied through us. No need for you to find additional trades people, it is all supplied and managed by Studio 35, we arrange everything.

• And when we say Full installation service, we mean FULL
Obviously, you want a luxury kitchen, designed and manufactured to your bespoke requirements and installed by our quality team with precision and expertise… but what about everything else?
Need building work, knock-throughs, steel lintels, RSJ’s, French doors, sliding doors… just say the word, we can supply and service your precise requirements.

Underfloor heating, tiling, timber floors, vinyl floors… we have you covered.
Electricians, plumbers, gas engineers, plasterers, decorators… they are all part of the package.
All this and more are available from Studio 35, we will manage it all… You make your choices and we make it happen.

• Our installation service is flexible though
As an independent showroom we can tailor our services to you, and we are flexible. Already have contractors or tradesmen working on a project? We can work alongside and tailor our installation services to suit, no problem. We keep your contractors informed of our requirements with direct communications to ensure a smooth process, allowing you to rest assured you will receive perfect results.

• Best pricing every time and all year round
At Studio 35 we don’t do sales… I know, sounds mad doesn’t it. But we believe in giving the best price possible for your personally designed kitchen all year round. It doesn’t matter to us if it’s January or Easter, it costs the same to manufacturer and install your kitchen all year round so why not offer the best price all year round?
Check us out, compare our prices. We offer premium products at the best prices possible, with best value-for-money.

• Premium quality all the time
Our directors have dealt with numerous manufacturers throughout the last 30 years, from kitchen furniture to appliances, worktops to flooring, they have a vast wealth of experience. You will find Gary or Rob grounded in the day-to-day running of the business, and it is for this reason that Studio 35 will only partner with premium brands and partners for their business.

Next125 kitchens, Schuller kitchens, Bora, Miele, Silestone, Dekton, Quooker, Neff, Siemens, The 1810 Company, Dornbracht, Franke, Corian, Spekva, Caesarstone…

Just some of the brands we are happy to be associated with. We want the very best for both our customers and also ourselves, we will not be associated with brands that do not uphold our standards. We want quality, craftsmanship and reliability, but should the unexpected happen we want service and resolutions.

Come take a look at our products, our furniture, our prices and service, and compare the market… our premium quality offering will not be beaten on quality, service or value for money.

• No extra’s, ever!
We have all experienced it, the builder shaking his head, the mechanic stroking his chin “This is going to cost you more” they say…
Not at Studio 35… Once we have given you a price for products, installation and services, that is the price. If we find something unexpected while removing your existing kitchen or during the installation… that is our problem to resolve not yours.

• Our owners
You will at all times find our owners at the forefront of our service. Gary & Rob continue to manage from the frontline.

“We love what we do, and love being at the sharp end of the business. Being independent allows us to be agile to kitchen trends and concepts, listening to customer feedback and comments allowing us to ensure we present and demonstrate the latest and best innovations for your new kitchen.
We are also agile and flexible for our customer’s requirements. As owners of our business we want to get to know you, to create your individual design and install your perfect dream kitchen, and with no shareholders or outside influences we can ensure we personally tailor every aspect of our service to your individual and personal requirements…

You have a specific wish… we make sure it happens.”

• How it works

Although every design and installation process are different, an idea of what you can expect when choosing Studio 35 looks a little like this…

• Initial Meeting and Consultation
Come visit us – make an appointment or call in when your passing, you’re always welcome. You can sit down with one of the team and tell us about your ideas over a cappuccino or a cup of Yorkshire tea and we can see how we can help.
We will show you colours, textures, materials that would suit your scheme, and our team are extremely experienced and super friendly so can talk you through some furniture concepts, show the latest cutting-edge technology and demonstrate our working appliances.
We can go through our Pre-Design Brief which is a great way for both you and our designer to really get to grips with your likes/dislikes and what works for you presently and what you definitely want to change. Download our Pre-Design Brief now to start the process.

So, there is no hard sell, we just want to help by starting to create your new kitchen, it’s what we do…

Just so you know, we have secure gated parking to the rear of our showroom, so if making an appointment just let us know in advance and we will save you a space.

Building a new house or having an extension? No problems, we can undertake your initial designs from your architect plans, or if replacing your existing kitchen, we will pop round and take all the measurements we need.

• Design Presentation
Inspired by our initial meeting we get to work, designing the perfect space for your new kitchen, and it’s not just about designing the kitchen layout… It’s about the entire room, the space that you have or you’re going to have, as we need to bring this environment to life and this is where our design team and our 360° Virtual Reality presentations come into their own. Normally within the week we will have created a full room experience in stunning 360º Virtual Reality realism for you, and once completed we invite you back to our showroom to present our design to you.

Want to experience the 360° Virtual Reality experience at home, no problems, once we have presented our design in our showroom we demonstrate how to navigate the visuals for yourself (it’s very easy) and will give you access to the visuals. No need for special technology, the visuals can be viewed on smart phones, tablets or lap-tops, and you can view your dream kitchen anywhere. View them at home, show them friends over a Starbucks or Costa, show relatives when you go round, they can be viewed anywhere.

And don’t forget, our consultations, home visits and initial design works are all free of charge! That’s right we just love what we do… So, learning what works for you, creating that personalised initial design and bringing that new dream kitchen to life with your very own and personal 360° Virtual Reality presentation is all free of charge!

• Follow up Meeting
You’ve had time to think over your lovely initial kitchen design, but let’s get down to the detail and make it perfect.
We welcome comments, feedback, and further discussions so phone calls and emails are great, but to get down to the details let’s meet up.

It’s the finer details that make the difference, so time is not an issue to ensure we get things right. We work at your pace to ensure every little detail is perfect for your requirements. Having a follow up meeting really helps both you and our designers to nail down all the aspects that are important to you, it is your kitchen and needs to be right for you.

• You are in Safe Hands
And once the decision is made, we confirm delivery dates and arrange a schedule of works for you so you will know exactly how long your installation will take. Do not worry, you’re in safe hands, we take care of everything… There will be disruption, don’t let anyone tell you differently, we’re replacing your kitchen so there will be some disruption for a short while… but our team are not only professional, they are thoughtful and understanding, and your installation is managed by Studio 35 every step of the way.

Have any special requirements, just let us know, we are happy to help.

Once finished you will have your dream kitchen in place, fully decorated and complete. We leave you to enjoy your new environment but will make contact shortly after to ensure everything is working fine and to your expectations.
We can at this point advise on any additional finishing touches now you have got to know your new layout… extra cutlery drawer inserts, storage suggestions, internal accessories can all be added after the installation.

As a valued Studio 35 client you will be regularly invited to our live cooking and demonstration events, and it goes without saying you are always welcome to call in for a cappuccino and catch up whenever you’re passing.

At any point we are always available, no call centres, no after sales staff, you contact Studio 35 with any questions or concerns, we are always available, you are in safe hands.

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