Kitchen Trends & Wellness in 2021 and Beyond

By Jess Whitehead

As we progress into 2021 we are seeing a huge increase in ‘Kitchen Wellness’ at the forefront of consumer minds, with the ever expanding demand for functional yet homely kitchen comforts.
Along with different specialists, Schüller’s product designer Mai Mergili has developed the brand new shade idea for 2021.

Following the year that was 2020 the home environment has become increasingly more focused in the minds of consumers to our ever-adapting lifestyles, with priorities of home schooling and working from home being added to the list of functions demanded of our homes and specifically our kitchens. We require a place of both calm and functionality in our homes and these are trends we are seeing in our 2021 kitchen designs.

Due to people spending extended time at home, home interior renovations have become increasingly popular, and we see wellness and mindfulness being at the forefront of their renovations. The Danes have a word for this, Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) which although cannot be translated into one single word in English, is defined as a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engages a feeling of contentment or wellbeing.

The trends for blacks and greys within the kitchen are still there, but we are finding more earthy tones and colours being sort by consumers with deep blues, forest greens and dusky reds combining with natural oak, walnut and maple tones.

There is also a shift towards brown colours from deep nutty tones through to more caramel and olive finishes being extremely popular, all of which bring an extremely natural and calming aesthetic to the kitchen environment.

Should these darker tones be a little too much for some, there are plenty of pastel tones which combine with the natural wood tones extremely well, all of which creating a very natural ensemble to any future kitchen.

Adding to the natural tones in any new kitchen, and increasing wellness and mindfulness, is the addition of indoor gardens. There is a multitude of physical and mental health benefits that have been scientifically proved from the incorporation of living plants within our indoor living spaces. Much of this relates to Biophilia which is an ongoing trend within interiors, (for more information, a good article to read on Biophilic design is by Architecture Daily).

This ideology is easily incorporated within kitchen environments due to the popularity of herb gardens, bringing the outdoor environment inside and enriching your kitchen with sensory fragrances and organic flavours. Examples of these are available here Panel Garden.

At Studio 35 we look forward to hearing which trends appeal to you most and exploring ways to bring these ideas to reality in your dream kitchen.

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