Well I sit here writing the Studio 35 out latest blog with just days left before our opening… and what a rush it is in every sense of the word!

It’s Gary here again and having just travelled over 1500 miles with my colleague Mark in our trusty new van to Germany to collect some very important items for our studio opening on the 4th March I can tell you that the adrenalin rush has been quite a ride!

That’s quite a lot of miles in 48 hours just to ensure that everything is perfect, but that is the commitment we have to our business and also to our customers, it just has to be right. So, a Wednesday afternoon journey from York down to Folkestone, a few hours’ sleep and up at 2am Thursday for my first time in the tunnel and the long journey through France and to Herrieden Germany to the home of our kitchen manufacturer Schuller… collect our precious cargo and make the return, this time up through Germany, Belgium and finishing at Dunkirk in France some 21 hours later. Again a few hours’ sleep and then up Friday for our Eurostar return and a steady jaunt up the M20, M25, A1 and A64 back to York, quite an experience.

So, I sit here now this Friday evening (with a well-earned glass of white if I do say so myself) having had both the physical rush of the journey and the emotional rush of achieving our goal and getting back to blighty knowing we are on track despite the inevitable hurdles the opening of a new business brings. You can make the best plans in the world, schedule everything down to the last detail but you always always always need to be flexible with your actions.

So one week to go and all should be complete for the opening on 4th of March, and maybe by the time you read this you will already know the outcome… did we make it on time?

Hopefully we have ‘organised’ our rush to complete our kitchen studio to perfection, and let’s be honest most of our lives are a well organised rush… juggling work, family and social commitments, experiencing heartbreak and joy (hopefully not in equal measure) are all part of life and in general it is more often than not experienced at a break neck speed. So why not at every opportunity should we not slow down and enjoy our lives and our environment?

At Studio 35 we understand that your new kitchen will bring you the experience of the ‘rush’ of enjoyment for years to come of that relaxed environment where you are at your most comfortable and content in your most pleasurable environment… and also the rush to have the project completed to perfection in the quickest time possible so you can start living that dream.

Therefore we ensure that our design and installation schedule fits around your requirements, we handle the unexpected but sometimes inevitable ‘changes in plans’ and produce you the dream kitchen that you will cherish for many years to come… that adrenalin rush will be there not just for today but forever.

So let’s hope that my personal rush and excitement lasts for just as long as yours will with one of our kitchens, and fingers crossed by the time you read our next blog we will be up and running!