New for 2018

The nights are drawing in, frost greats us as we wake and we wrap up warm and cosy for the next few months. We get ready for the joys of a festive break where we eat, drink and socialise in the comfort of our family home and embrace the joy of our surroundings and the people we love. It is also a time to reminisce of the year gone by and look forward to exciting times in 2018, and at Studio 35 we are very excited about the new year and the new possibilities we have to offer…

We are excited to release details of the new and innovative additions to our Schuller kitchen ranges that we are available to design and install for any 2018 kitchen requirements, so please be the fist to download our full Schuller 2018 kitchen collection and we also showcase a few of our favourite new additions below;


Mysterious, smokey and yet uniquely elegant, the Targa range comes in Steel Bronze or Steel Dark to give a heavy metal appearance to any kitchen. An exciting material and texture that will turn your cooking area into a designer kitchen of industrial proportions.

TARGA Steel Dark with CREMONA Old Oak Barrique wall units

Mixing with natural tones such as Old Oak Barrique timber effects, or with darker tones such as Lava Black and Onyx Black you will be left with a striking kitchen that really makes a statement.

TARGA Steel Bronze with Lava Black Panelling and Onyx Black Grip Ledges


A stunning Matt Velvet lacquer finished door that is both bold and practical for any kitchen. Available in 9 colour finishes including the new Aqua Blue and Terracotta finishes, there is something for everyone from the Siena collection.

SIENA Aqua Blue with Lava Black filigree handles

Either displayed in bold or subtle colours, the Siena range works harmoniously with the new rails and frame rack systems. Enabling you to display all your belongings to their best, with everything having it’s place and there being a place for everything in the beautiful new Siena kitchen.

SIENA Crystal Grey with Onyx Black hanging rails and frame rack system


Not only do we have new door ranges available in 2018, we have plenty of new colours to add to our palette. From pastel shades to bold statement colours, from natural timbers to earthy tones we have a full spectrum of choice for any requirement. Just a few of the new colour options are shown below…

BIELLA Moss Green Satin Lacquer
LIMA in Norway Maple
New colour Pastel Green in a Satin Lacquered finish

It’s the small details that make all the difference, and the same goes for your kitchen. Contrasting and complementing these details and aspects will turn your kitchen into a thing of beauty. An area that not only allows for functionality and convenience, but also adds style and sophistication to the heart of your home.


New for 2018 is a raft of new innovations for the most functional part of your home, the utility room. The workhorse of your home and an area so often overlooked. Why should this be just a functional part of your life, why can we not embrace the beauty that can go hand-in-hand with your functional needs if only we opened up to the possibilities?

Well now we can…. and below is just a selection of the new possibilities available from Studio 35 York.


Hope you enjoyed the small selection we have shown of the new and exciting possibilities for your 2018 luxury kitchen. Please download the full Studio 35 York Schuller Collection for more inspiration, visit our website or contact us direct for all your luxury kitchen needs…