The Kitchen Designers at Studio 35 York have put together 15 initial questions you may wish to ask yourself to get started on your new kitchen journey.

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Thinking of a new kitchen? Your kitchen designer will help you through the process and create you a dream kitchen with stunning visuals to bring the design to life, but what should you be thinking about before meeting with your designer?

1. How much will a new kitchen cost?
Undertaking a new kitchen is a large, long-term investment in your home. The overall cost of your kitchen will consist of many factors both in quantity and quality that will all influence the overall cost…
Furniture, appliances, worktops, splashbacks, lighting, flooring along with installation works such as joinery, plumbing, electrical, plastering and structural work which might also be required, will all contribute to your final cost. Your designer will guide you through all these aspects but it is important to come to a clear idea of what you wish to include in your new kitchen and what is right for you.
A quality designed & installed kitchen with a full complement of products and services as listed above will start from around £20k with a full installation.

2. What do you like and what don’t you like about your existing kitchen?
You should be able to list what works and what doesn’t in your current kitchen, as a point of reference for the designer. This is a great way to focus your initial thoughts of what works for you… Keep in mind whether there are things that are going to be changing in your lifestyle, which will call for changes in the way you utilise your kitchen. Things that work now might not apply in the future if, say, you plan on modifying your entertaining habits, new family members are going to be moving in, and so on.

3. How many people are going to be using the kitchen?
Decisions about the kitchen’s design will be dictated by how many people will be using the kitchen and factors like whether there are children or elderly in the household who will be using the kitchen. Also, whether there will always be only one cook at a time or more than one person working together.

4. Do you consider the kitchen as just another room in the house or is it more of a social space and the heart of the home?
How much time you wish to spend in your new kitchen will determine major decisions like space and layout of the kitchen. Will you be doing more entertaining, or social/family gatherings, are you looking to keep the same size room or maybe a ‘knock-through’ to create a more open plan living space?
Will you be using the kitchen for activities outside of cooking and preparing meals, such as teenagers doing their homework or adults using the kitchen as a home office space.

5. Do you want space for ‘dining’ in the kitchen?
If so, is it going to be casual island seating or a more formal dining table? How many people will you need to accommodate on a regular basis?

6. What type of storage do you require?
Decisions on kitchen storage will likely stem from other questions, like how much you’re going to entertain, how many people will cook at the same time, and your grocery shopping patterns. Do you have enough storage space at present? You should take inventory of the kitchenware you have and its frequency of use. Also, factor in non-kitchen items that you’d like to keep in the kitchen.

7. What are your kitchen appliance preferences?
There are many new innovations in kitchen appliances and your designer will go through all the options with you, but to begin with think about what you have now, what works well for you and what you feel you are missing. Induction hobs, ovens & combination microwaves or steam ovens, refrigeration requirements, integrated or freestanding appliances, smart appliances that can be regulated remotely are just some of the options to consider.

8. What are your shopping preferences?
Do you usually shop every couple of days, once a week, less frequently? Do you stack up on durable supplies once a month and buy fresh ingredients a couple of times per week? This will help determine your storage and refrigeration needs further from questions 6 & 7 above.

9. How do you like to cook?
Do you mostly make quick meals or prepare elaborate recipes that require a lot of preparation and cleaning afterwards? How you cook will contribute to your worktop space requirements, appliance needs and general kitchen layout.

10. How do I ensure I have the most efficient layout?
Ensuring the layout of the kitchen is the correct balance of practicality and aesthetics and is key to a great design. It is helpful to know early on where supplies for plumbing, gas and electrics are going to be located. Kitchen designers will aim to create zones in a layout for preparation, cooking and washing, which helps with the smooth running of your kitchen day to day. Consideration needs to be made with appliance locations and proximities to tall units, windows, doors and comfortable gaps for walkways.

11. What kind of kitchen style do you want?
Is it contemporary/modern, or classical/traditional? Do you want something minimalistic or richer and eclectic? Don’t limit yourself to the existing style of the home. Just think of what you would like to have: different styles can be brought together to complement each other and the designer will help you accomplish this.

12. What colour palette do you prefer?
Having a general idea of the colours you want to have in your kitchen might help choose the kitchen furniture, as not all models might be available in th
Woods, lacquers, natural stones, glass, tiles, metal? These can all be incorporated in many ways into your kitchen design, from door frontals and panelling, to worktops, splashbacks, flooring and display accessories.
Do you prefer gloss or matt finishes, or something in between like a satin finish? Natural tones with woods, veneers and marble effects or do you gravitate towards materials that look more urban, raw and textured like concrete, quartz and steel?

14. What other style requirements do you have?
Think of elements such as particular space you might need to display art, ornaments or other objects, and extra elements you might want to incorporate like a big TV or bookshelves. Other considerations will be the type of heating such as designer radiators or underfloor heating, and not forgetting your lighting preferences of downlights, pendants, cabinet lighting or a combination of all..

15. Do Studio 35 offer a design service?
We offer a full FOC design package including the latest technologies for providing visuals and fully realised room spaces with 360 degree Virtual Reality visuals supplied. We can arrange a home visit to fully measure the space or work directly from architect drawings or your own supplied information. Don’t forget your kitchen designer at Studio 35 is there to help guide, inform and inspire you through the decision process to create the perfect kitchen for your unique and personal requirements.

We hope you find this as a useful guide, like many of the Studio 35 York customers, see our kitchen portfolio here …>

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